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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Scotland for a Golfing Vacation

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If you love your golf and you love to travel

then one of the best things you can do is

combine the two and go for a golfing

holiday in beautiful Scotland. Scotland

allows golfers to experience some of the

most wonderful golf courses that can be

found anywhere in the world. As a golfing

enthusiast you can embark on Scotland golf

packages, vacations and tours, some of

which encompass the magnificent St. Andrews

 - the holy grail of golf - where the great game

was first played in the 15th century.

If you decide to take a golfing vacation in

Scotland, there is just no doubt at all you will

be able to embark on some of the most

challenging golfing experiences around. With

this in mind, Europeans, Americans and even

Australians make the trek to Scotland on a

weekly basis, with the sole purpose of taking

up this once in a lifetime challenge.

The Old Course at St. Andrews and Royal

Troon are two of Scotland's most well known

golf courses. Well known because the world

renowned British Open is hosted on an

annual basis and both of these courses feature

regularly when it comes to hosting the Open.

These famous courses provide a haven for

professional and amateur golfers from golfing

fraternities all around the world.

Founded in 1764, St Andrews Golf Course is

essentially completely natural, with its layout

remaining relatively unchanged in more than

200 years since its inception. This course has

of course been modeled and molded by the

forces of nature that form dunes into unique

and changeable shapes.

If you are planning on traveling to Scotland for

a golfing holiday then you won't have a shortage

of options for accommodation. There is a host

of options from which you can choose - hotels,

country houses, and resorts. Many hotels will

even offer accommodation and golf packages

combined meaning that your green fees and

transport are included in the price you pay.

Golf is one of the main reasons that people visit

Scotland year after year. With the popularity of

golfing holidays continuing to rise, Scotland is

likely to see an ongoing demand for holiday

packages that include golf activities, tourist

activities like visiting castles and taverns and

generally seeing the sites of the region. When

you plan your next golfing holiday you should

ensure that Scotland is included as one of your


Author: Gillian Fairley

Gillian Fairley is the owner of Faq Scotland which is a premier

source of information about Scotland. For more information, go to:



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