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Saturday, March 15, 2008

How To Correct Your Golf Slice

How To Correct Your Golf Slice

Most beginning and even experienced amateur golfers need to know how to correct golf slice from time to time. It is the most common mistake in the swing and even after correction, can reappear with frustrating frequency.

Many problems like this would be avoided if everybody took professional lessons right at the beginning of their golfing, but of course most of us didn't do that. Most golfers start out playing in a casual way and only take lessons after they find that they enjoy the game. At that time, many bad habits have already developed.

Slicing the ball creates a side spin that sends the ball away from the intended direction of the shot. It is a very common mistake because it is difficult to correct.

It is possible to buy a wrist band or elbow strap that will restrain the arm so that it follows a more correct path during the swing. This will often help and it is worth trying these restraints, which you can easily find online.

You can also practice some drills for the swing which have been developed by researchers at the University of Southern Carolina. These exercises divide the swing into a number of different sections which are practiced separately. After the body has learnt the correct movement for each part, they are put together to form a full swing. The theory is that the brain learns the individual actions more easily this way, and will co-ordinate them better.

Often a golfer will find that they have particular trouble with just one part of the swing. In that case, the drill for that section can be worked on by itself. Many golfers know from friends or a coach that they have a particular swing fault. There is the 'toe-in' drill that affects the position of the body during the swing. The 'split hand' drill allows the golfer to correct the release by becoming aware of the path of the swing.

Seeing the path of the swing can be very effective as a corrective measure, especially if you swing from outside in. Here is how to do it. Stand in front of a mirror so that you can clearly see, without being so close that you risk breaking it in the follow-through. Take a club - but not a ball - and swing very slowly as if you wanted to drive a ball through the center of the mirror. Stop at the half way point of the follow through. Without moving your head, look to see if you can see your nose. You should not be able to see it, because the head of the club should cover your view of it in the mirror.

Another drill involves looking at the mirror right through the swing. You should see the image of the club going through the line of your eyes in the mirror, on both the swing and the follow-through. Practice your swing until this happens consistently.

Maintaining good flexibility in your body can have a very beneficial effect on the swing. The back, hips and shoulders are particularly important. If you are stiff or have restricted movement in any joints, your game will suffer. Yoga exercises are very good for improving flexibility, or ask your coach to suggest some exercises to help you loosen up and correct golf slice.

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