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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is it necessary for Amateurs to know the Biomechanics of the Golf Swing??

Is it necessary for Amateurs to know

the Biomechanics of the Golf Swing??

You may think that the biomechanics of a golf swing are only of any interest to the professionals - perhaps too technical for the amateur or one time per week golfer. Perhaps, if you think like that, it may explain why you could sometimes spend most of your round in the sand or trees!

Yes, of course the professionals need to understand the way the body works when he swings the club, which is what biomechanics is all about. However, it is just as important for the fun golfer. You may be surprised to find that a few subtle changes can take strokes off your round on a permanent basis, now that makes for real fun golf.

Although there are certain basic principles, the swing is individual to the person. To prove this you only have to look at all the different types of swing on display by the players at major championships. If you follow championships for any length of time you will also know about the top players who have changed their swing due to loss of form or an injury. This means you need to find the swing that works best for your own body, and anyone teaching you needs to know this too.

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