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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Indoor golf putting doesn't have to be practice

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I have been known as the Golf Anti-practice expert

for some time now. What does that really mean?

Well, I'll tell you in a nutshell that it means that I

know that you can improve your game without going

to the practice range. That's really it. I teach folks

that most of what they should be doing for game

improvement lies in their head. The funny thing is

what they know it...and yet they still are fighting the

brainwashing that has been programmed over the

years into them.

So what I really mean can improve without

traditional practice. That is throwing your clubs in

the car, driving down to the course or range, and then

getting a bucket to beat some balls.

For instance, can you improve your game on the green

by indoor olf putting? Of course! The beauty of it is

that because it is convenient (it's in your own living

room), you'll actually do it. How many of us say things

like "well, just as soon as that project at work is over,

then I'll get down to the range and work on my game."


And the projects never end do they? Another one comes

up right after the last one and after awhile, you stop

making promises to yourself and just live with the lousy

scores you're getting used to. It doesn't have to be this way!

Yes, indoor golf putting is not quite the same as putting

on a real green, I'll give you that. But what can we gain

from putting on your carpet at home? A lot. Here's 3 big

tips that if you start focusing on, will pay off in big

dividends in lower score. And you can do them right in

your own home.

1. For starters, whenever possible, inject some pressure

into your putting indoors. Make up a game with a friend

and put a few bucks on it. You will be training yourself

on how to play under pressure. Whether or not you are

on carpet or grass makes no difference there.

2. Take some time to putt for fun (not practice) while

totally just focusing on keeping your body still. You can

and should do this while watching TV. Pay attention to

how it feels when you are still and only moving your

shoulders. This is valuable no matter what method you

use. You always want minimal movement in putting.

3. Get one of those tools that puts a straight line on a

golf ball. Work solely on striking the ball and making

the ball roll so that the line stays straight as the ball

rolls and doesn't wiggle. Folks, this is huge! If you can

do this on your carpet, you can do this on a putting

green. And when you do it for real, the ball goes

exactly where you aim it. Many folks are totally

unaware that they put sidespin on the ball while putting.

Are you starting to get the picture? Use this kind of

idea at home, at your office, anywhere that you can

work on your game for just a couple minutes if nothing

else. Think out of the box on how you can improve your

golf. Many of us are just so busy with our lives and jobs

that going down to the range just never happens now

does it?

But you can lower your scores anyway.

About the author:
Craig Sigl, the Golf Anti-practice expert, is a Master and
Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Empowerment techniques. He
plays to a 5 handicap and teaches his methods worldwide. Visit to receive a free digitized golf book
and ezine "Golf legends and Gurus"



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