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Friday, June 27, 2008

Golf - The most low - impact sport of all

Golf - The most

low - impact sport of all

There’s no doubt about it that the game of golf is one that is massively popular all over the world. Golf is a low-impact sport that can provide participants of all ages not only a fun recreational activity but also some type of exercise. What other sport is so good for body, good for the mind, good for social activities, and so good for business. Golf has it all.

So its not supprising there has been a renewed interest in golf lately among the younger generations with the rise in popularity of golf phenomenon Tiger Woods. These days, golf is enjoyed by young and old alike. It gives fathers time to spend with sons and daughters, brothers with sisters, and friends with other friends.

The game of golf is played on both the amateur and professional levels with notoriety coming to good players locally and nationally. The professional golfers who are most famous are well-known world-wide, and often people strive to emulate them and their amazing play styles.

Of course, golf isn’t without its stressors. It’s nice to be out on the course when it’s a sunny spring day with a mild breeze, but it can be spoiled by bad shots, horrible lies, water hazards, and missed putts. You see, golf isn’t an exact science. There are many variables that go into a good golf swing, and it’s nearly impossible to perfect them all – all at the same time.

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