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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are You Still Thinking about Your Last Shot?

Are You Still Thinking about Your Last Shot?

Will the last shot you played determine where the golf ball goes this time?

You might be surprised to realize that for many people the shot they have just played will have a major impact on their next shot.

The golf player who can switch his mind off that last shot, and move on, will always have a decided advantage over the competition.
If you are one of the many golfers who let their previous performance affect the rest of their game, then retraining your mind will do more for your game than all the tuition that any golf pro can give you.

How many times have we seen Tiger Woods play winning shots from out of the rough?

How many times have we seen him come from behind to win major tournaments?

There is one thing that other players will never do, and that is to write Tiger off if he has not been having a good game. This is because they know he has the mind power to put everything behind him.

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