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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lets Add Variety to Your Practice

Lets Add Variety

to Your Practice

I observe many golfers practicing the same shots over and over again.
That's Ok if it is an area that needs concentrated attention, after all the more you practice a shot the better you will become at it.
The idea being if you practice a shot enough you will virtually do it on autopilot when you get to the course, but you must also remember that variety will make you a better all round golfer.

The more techniques that you can master the better you will be on competition day.
You can do this by trying new techniques when you practice.
Observe the results you get when you use different clubs or try different techniques.
Try adding some spin to the ball and see how this affects the flight.
Use different types of golf balls to see whether your level of expertise has changed and allowed you to get more benefit from the different ball compressions.

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