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Friday, February 09, 2007

Play With A Fairway Wood You Can Use

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The modern golf ball and the launch dynamics (angle and spin rate) on your new Driver are all designed to get the best results from a golf ball that gets up quicker and then travels at a higher trajectory for longer. While the touring professionals understand that, most amateur MALE golfers are still driven by a testosterone-fuelled belief that less loft reflects on their manhood.

The fact is that most golfers should be looking at 11 and 12° and even higher lofts on their Drivers. Of course, embracing that theory has a knock-on effect. If you have a 12° Driver, what’s your first Fairway Wood?

I would like to start from another point. One that is based on the fact that there is a limit to the number of clubs you can carry and that every golfer should have at least three Wedges in their bag (Pitching, Gap and Sand Wedge). Assuming that you have Irons (or hybrid equivalents) through to 3-iron, that will leave you with space for two Fairway Woods.

You used to see a 2, 3 and 4 wood in the bags of the best players. Now many Pros carry just one Fairway Wood. The wiser amateurs can be seen with a 5 and 7-wood, there are even 9 woods and higher.

But ask yourself: are you carrying a Fairway Wood in your bag that you never hit off the fairway. If you are not prepared to take a lesson and practice then throw it out.

The lowest number on your Fairway Woods should be one that you can hit consistently from the fairway. I see a large number of golfers carrying a 3 and 5-wood and never using the 3-wood off the fairway. If that’s the case for you then junk the 3-wood and add a 7-wood or even another hybrid to your bag.

Golf is about playing shots that you can control and making sure you have the maximum range of clubs that you can play to make those shots. Have a think about the Fairway Woods in your bag and come chat to me if you think I can help with advice.

By the way, if you haven’t got a Gap Wedge, then please don’t wait. Get one now.

For the best advice visit your local PGA Golf professional

By: PGA Pro

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James Langmead PGA Qualified Golf Professional and former Callaway Club fitter of the year



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