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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Golf for the Golfers

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Use These Golf Swing

Basics For Maximun

Effect In Your Game

Golf swing basics will lay the foundation to your game, there's no doubt about that. Ignore the basic principles as a beginner and you'll forever be "chasing your tail.

As a beginner, before you start to worry about the basic golf swing, you really need to start thinking about your body motion. How will your feet work, your hip action and arm action? This is the value of getting good coaching in the early stages of your game.

Learning The Basics Of The Golf Swing

Many inexperienced players come into the game of golf and head straight for the tee-off area and start blasting away! The ball skews left; it hooks right; it goes straight up in the air or even worse and embarrassing, they miss it completely. Have any of you faced this scenario?

So what am I talking about? I'm saying before you actually go out and start belting a ball off the tee you should seriously think about your body motion. The golf swing is important yes, but the backbone to a good golf swing is the movement of the body.

The Art Of Body Movement

A coach who concentrates on teaching body movement first is worth his/her weight in gold. Why? Because they're setting you up to develop basic golf habits which will eventually lead to a better golf swing. Try these basic body movement exercises. If you don't have a pro coach then use somebody you know with a little golfing experience.

1. You can either head to a practice range or simply do this in your backyard. Practice a few swings. Your coach will be analysing your body movement and making notes.

2. Footwork is vitally important. If you place your right foot closer to the ball than the left you will likely hook the ball. If the left foot is placed to far away from the right then the slice comes into play. You should be aiming for a square stance in most cases with both feet at an equal distance from the ball.

3. Next you will be aiming to get a synchronized action between knees, hips and legs. Knees should be slightly flexed. This should be practiced regularly in the initial stages. Just playing air shots will suffice as you get used to the action. Your right leg should remain flexed.

4. In combination with the previous action your arms come into play now. With your back swing winding up, your shoulders will be turning against your right hip. Don't bend the arms at the elbow. A good indicator for right-handed players is the positioning of the chin just above the left shoulder. It's the opposite for lefties.

5. Learning to adapt the swing routine in practice will get you used to these golf swing basics as well as develop a little flexibility in your body. For example, practicing hip movement without turning the upper body. It's a little strange I know but each area can be practiced individually before they're all combined to produce the basic golf swing.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Learn how to master the golf swing basics and elevate your game to new heights! For the best golfing tips plus, the latest news and reviews in golf swing techniques, check out

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