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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are You Playing with the Right Golf Balls?

Are You Playing with the Right Golf Balls?

Many people buy their golf balls based on economics ( expensive mistake ). Not only in cost but also confidence
If your game is not up to par and you think those water holes are looking a little ominous, you are more likely to buy a box of cheaper balls knowing that the pain won't be as great if a few of them get lost in the 'drink'

If you are looking for peak performance, then your choice of golf ball is crucial.
Golf ball selection can be as important to the success of your game as the clubs you will be carrying around the course.

Your golf balls need to be matched to your swing and your style of play.
If your style and golf balls are mismatched then you cannot hope to get the best results (plonk your in the water ).

Sure, they might all look the same, but golf balls are technologically advanced balls, and all of them are designed with a specific purpose in mind.

There are balls for all different levels of skill, from the beginner to the pro, and within those levels there are balls designed specifically to match various playing styles.

The balls are designed with different densities that allow for varying levels of spin, distance and control.
The various types of covers on the balls
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