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Sunday, December 07, 2008

So Get a Grip On Your Game

So Get a Grip On Your Game

More precisely the title of this should be to get the 'Right Grip' and that means get one that is specifically correct for you.

You can't expect the grip on your golf club to be the optimum size for both you and someone else with bigger or smaller hands.

How can the grip on the golf clubs of a large man be the right size for both him and that tiny old lady playing alongside him?

What is right for her will probably be too small for him and a grip that is too small will make him tend to hold the club too tight.

Instantly there will be a problem with his swing if he is holding too tight.
Just changing the grip to a bigger one can alter a game dramatically.

Your hands are your link to the golf clubs and everything that goes on below that point.
Your contact point with the clubs needs to be correct if you are expected to play well.

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