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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Golf Training for Your Success

Golf Training for Your Success

How does anyone become better at what they do? Anyone knows that get to the top of your game you need practice and the more you want to succeed the more you will need to practice. Vijay Singh has been known as the golfer who practices more than any other.
He has stated that he might not be the most talented golfer in the world but his dedication to practice more often and longer than most others enabled him to succeed beyond the expectations of many people. Vijay got to the top of his game by practicing from morning until night.

Before tournaments here would be practicing for hours.

Michael Campbell won the US Open and in his early years when he was a youngster he would practice so much in his yard he would literally wear the clubs out and have to replace them for more practice.

The more you practice the higher the probability that you will naturally make the right moves without having to think about the actions you are taking.
And the less you have to think about your stance, swing and so on, the more likely you are to hit the sweet spot more often and get the ball sailing through the air as though Tiger has just hit it.

Practice can be both cheap and convenient with driving ranges allowing you to hit a bucket full of golf balls to naturally program your mind and body to perform better once you hit the course in the weekend.

Here's the fun part - while your mates are watching television during the week you can sneak off to the driving range and sharpen your skills and then trounce them on the weekend and they will be none the wiser where your newfound skills have been honed.

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