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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lets Get Out of Trouble

Lets Get Out of Trouble

It is always best to stay out of trouble in the first place and that is why learning to control the ball and place it where it should be is the fastest way to a better score rather than relying on big drives off the tee.

Unfortunately that is not always the case and as golf is constantly challenging us to perform better and better we strive to go for more distance or attempt shots that we aren't 100% comfortable with.

Obviously the inevitable will happen and we will need to decide how to get out of the rough and salvage the hole.

All too often golfers make the wrong decision by not erring on the safe side and accepting that one more shot or a different iron might be a better solution.

You might think you can clear that tree with a 7 iron but if there are any doubts whatsoever it will be wise to select a 'safer' 8 or 9 iron just to be sure.

Consider using a pitching wedge if you aren't completely sure you will make the shot with the 9.

A safe shot can set you up for a good recovery by placing

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