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Saturday, February 07, 2009

How to Get your first Hole in One

How to Get your first Hole in One

I've played some excellent golfers in my time but none impressed me quite like the old guy I played with on a weekend tournament.

Soon after we started he hit a hole in one and while everyone else was impressed he didn't seem overly excited.

Assuming it was his first hole in one, we all congratulated him only to find out that he had hit many holes in one in his playing career.

"How did he do it so often" was the question everyone asked.
Simple - everyone else was trying to hit his or her golf ball into a small hole and he was shooting for a bucket.

Let me explain. He always visualized the hole as the size of the bucket and having that mindset made it possible for him to get so many holes in one.

After hearing that way of thinking I immediately used the same visualization for myself that day.
I didn't get any holes in one but my putting was out of this world.

Every time I got on the green I knew the ball was going to land inside that huge hole, the size of a bucket, I could see in front of me.

It's a fact that good golf is more about your mind than any other factor.
Sure you have to know how to hit a golf ball correctly.
You need to have a good stance and swing, but those things can be taught to anyone.

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