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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Benefits Of Golf Driving Nets

The Benefits Of Golf Driving Nets

The drive can be one of the hardest shots to master in golf, so it is worth taking a moment fully appreciate the benefits of golf driving nets.

It could be said that any shot in golf is the hardest to master, and that's probably a fair point. Different people have difficulties with different shots, and most golfers will be focusing on a different point of their game at various times in their lives. From the putt to the approach shot, the fairway shot and the drive, if you improve any one of those, your score will come down, and let's face it that is the bottom line of what we all want to see!

However, the drive is the one shot that sets the tone for each hole, and therefore the round. If you can send your drive away crisply every time, you will set yourself up psychologically for the rest of the task. Going into your second shot from a good position and with an upbeat attitude can shave a point off your score at almost every hole.

Practice makes perfect, or at least it makes better, especially in the game of golf, and it's no exception with the drive. Because it tends to be played with a longer club, and with more speed, the margins for error come down dramatically. Playing 12 drive shots a round is just not enough, you need repetitive practice. So should you hit the driving range and fire those balls into the nets?

Yes, is the short answer.

You need your mind and body

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Monday, April 20, 2009

So Do Warm Balls Travel Further?

So Do Warm Balls Travel Further?

It is a fact that a warm golf ball will travel further than a cold ball all things else being equal.

The reason for this is the fact that the added heat affects the compression of the ball.

It is hard to say how much heat would be needed to gain extra length and the gain in distance would be relatively minimal anyway.

Having said that, golf is all about making gains, no matter how big or small in as many areas as possible.

There are some golf pros who prefer to carry their golf balls in their pocket as this helps to retain heat in the ball, so whether it helps mentally or actually enhances the actual distance they get, it is going to benefit them at the end of the day.

If you are playing in particularly cold conditions the ball will lose it's heat quite fast so you will only get the benefit of the first shot in all likelihood.

Once again, even if you can make one gain in one area of your play on each hole, that can add up to a lot of good when the score card is tallied after a round.

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