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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My 10 Golf Accessories Gift Ideas

My 10 Golf Accessories Gift Ideas

Golf accessories make a wonderful gift for the golfer in your family or among your friends. There are so many different golf-related items that you can buy, it is never possible for somebody to have them all! This list will give you a sure way to provide something that will bring a smile to his face.

Of course, most golfers do have the basic equipment that they need, including clubs, golf shoes and a golf bag. You may have noticed that they often buy new clubs, even when you think they must have enough - but they will want to choose these themselves. So unless they tell you exactly which club to buy, it is best to think again.

Golfers are constantly needing more balls and tees so for a small gift, you might choose those. However, for something a little more imaginative, consult our list below.

1. Umbrella. Although he probably has a golf umbrella already, if you look closely at it some time you will probably find that it is torn or broken in some way, so you can get him a new one. He will probably appreciate a new umbrella that looks a lot like the one he has now.

2. Specialized golf gloves. These are a good gift if his current gloves are worn out. He may be very attached to them and take a while to get around to adopting the new ones, but worn gloves do not give such a good grip so you can be pretty sure he will switch soon.

3. Pinseeker (also called a scope or rangefinder). Point this gadget at the flag and it tells you the distance to the hole from where you are standing. This is useful for deciding which club to pick.

4. Digital scorekeeper - a special calculator for recording scores of up to 4 players as they go around the course.

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