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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let Me Get You Out Of The Bunker

Let Me Get You Out Of The Bunker

Until you discover how to hit out of a golf bunker, You are in for a very frustrating gameof golf. Of course ideally you would not hit into the bunker in the beginning, but even the champions find their balls rolling into sand from time to time. Some courses have so many bunkers that there seems to be no other place for the ball to go.

Even on a course that has only a few bunkers, many golfers find that their balls seem to be attracted to them as if they were magnetic. What is sometimes happening here is that even if consciously we are thinking that we must avoid it, focusing our minds on the bunker leads our body to direct the shot there. Therefore, when you are playing past or over a bunker, ignore it and keep your focus fixed on the flag.

If your ball does land in the sand in spite of your best efforts, here is how to get it out. As ever, the stance is vital. To avoid your feet sinking or slipping, work them into the sand a little to have a firm stance. Keep the weight more toward the left leg if you are right handed, or the right leg if you are left handed.

If you have an open lie, take a sand wedge and keep its face square to the flag as you swing down steeply. Swing and follow-through are smooth and equal. Have the club enter the sand around two inches ahead of the ball and exit an equal distance beyond the ball. The exit must be correct in order to send the ball flying straight up out of the bunker.

To practice this shot, start by marking two lines in the sand, around 4 inches apart. Without using a ball, practice having your sand wedge enter the sand on the first line and exiting on the second line. The depth should be just about a half inch. When you are consistently taking out sand at the right depth and distance, place the ball and repeat the shot so that the ball is simply carried out with the sand.

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